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Powerline Controllers
Product Description

The PL Controller uses a multi-electrode (probe) to constantly analyse levels of chlorine and the pH of the water while the digital programmable timer controls when the pump and filtration system operates.

The PowerLine Controller can be used to adjust chlorine levels in two ways:

  • By operating a salt water chlorinator to produce chlorine via electrolysis of salt; or
  • By utilising a peristaltic pump to precisely dose the pool with liquid chlorine.

If you prefer a salt water pool, the salt chlorinator method will appeal. The PL Controller can be paired with most existing salt chlorinators or you may select a PowerLine Twin system, which pairs a PL Controller with a specifically designed PL salt chlorinator. Whichever method you select, your PL Controller or your PL Twin will also control the pH of the pool, which is essential for effective sanitation. The system does this by feeding precise doses of pool acid into the water via aperistaltic pump.

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