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No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine again. No more red eyes, itchy skin or chemical odors. Now you can automatically turn ordinary salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for both pool and spa water that's clean, clear and luxuriously soft. Salt chlorination has become the simple, safe and affordable alternative to using harsh, chemically-produced chlorine to sanitise pools and spas.
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AquaRite +

AquaRite+ creates perfectly sanitised, luxuriously soft water without the harsh side effects. By monitoring your pool and keeping the chemistry perfectly balanced, the AquaRite + takes the hassle out of pool ownership.

Powerline Chlorinators

The PowerLine 20 and PowerLine30 salt water chlorinators provide a high-quality, reliable sanitisation solution for those that prefer a salt or mineral salt pool.

Sense and Dispense

What if your pool could self adjust, automatically test its own chemistry, and balance and sanitize your water? What if it always knew what the water needed and adjusted continuously?

Chemical Feeders

Efficient and maintenance-free, these durable, corrosion proof automatic chlorinators and brominators are ideal for new or existing pools or spas and work automatically with your pump and filter system.

Salt/Mineral Analyser

Hayward® salt/mineral Analyser is the ideal service technician tool to accurately and independently measure the salt or mineral level of your swimming pool.