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Powerline Sand Filter
Product Description

The Powerline Top Mount Sand Filters offer the lastest in pool technology with smooth, efficient flow and totally balanced backwashing. These sand filters feature unitized construction of corrosion-proof, polymeric material and self-cleaning, 360 degree slotted laterals. A versatile, six position control valve offers easy operation and maximum efficiency. For use with in-ground pools of all types and sizes, in-ground spas and water features, ponds or fountains. Available in 21" and 24" complete with unions.

  • 6 Valve/ Filter Positions
    Complete with a simple to read handle for easy selection
  • Umbrella-Fold Self Cleaning Laterals
    Precision engineered for balanced flow and backwashing
  • Easy To Service
    Umbrella-Fold Self Cleaning Laterals allows for easy servicing
  • Integral Sight Glass
    Lets you see when the backwashing cycle is complete
  • Unique Folding Ball Joint Design
    Allows lateral assembly to be easily accessed for simple servicing
  • Corrosion-Proof Tank
    High density blown and solid coloured polyethelene capable of resisting bad weather with minimum maintenance
  • Clamping Collar
    Allows the valve the ability to turn through 360 degrees facilitating connection
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