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With our sanitization solutions, commercial pools and spas benefit from the clearest, safest water possible and the natural comforts of salt chlorination. The HydroRite UV03 supplementary disinfectant treatment system supports the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), provides protection against recreational waterborne illnesses (RWIs) and reduces chlorine demand by at least 50%. Pair with Saline C® Series for a completely automated sanitization system.
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Saline C 6.0 Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator

Item #HCSC60

Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator - Saline C® 6.0 (6lbs. per day)

HydroRite UVO₃, 75 Gpm


Used as a supplementary disinfectant system, as recommended by the Model Aquatic Health Code, HydroRite UVO₃ delivers a powerful trio of disinfectants - UV, Ozone & Advanced Oxidants to destroy 99.9% of harmful chlorine-resistant microorganisms.